the would be NYE dress

So nye has come and gone. I still haven’t finished the dress. I thought I would share where I am so far.

Changes I’ve made:
•    shorten the waist (TA’s recommendation)
•    shorten the skirt, it’s way too long in the pattern
•    added darts to the halter top
•    added organza layer inside the skirt to create the fullness
Changes I want to make that’s not yet implemented:
•    add in-seam pockets
•    add organza layer on top of the existing skirt
Things I need to do just to have a dress
•    close the waist
•    add the zipper
why am I not finishing the dress
•    I can’t add the organza because I’ve sewn the woven fabric to the top as the outside of the skirt instead of the organza
•    Still contemplating on the pocket which I should have put in while sewing the woven fabric together
•    I’ve taken the dress apart once already, do I really want to do it again with the cheap woven that’s starting to fall apart?
Things I would’ve done differently:
•    Instead of shortening the waist, I should have made it longer to give the waist more shape. Have to try it out on muslin though
•    Think before sew! Think! Think! Think!
•    Never buy thread and fabric at walmart again!
So that’s my dilemma. Part of me really wants to recut with new material and do everything all over again. Part of me just can’t give up yet.

While I’m having trouble making the decision, I decided that I would move on to something else. Yes, something easier that would cheer me up and it did! I made the over due pajama pants for Willie. I’ve had the fabric for a few months now. This is the 3rd time I’m making this pattern, I’m getting better every time, which is very exciting.

The first time I made it was before I took any class. Sabrina and I decided to do it together. We did raw edges and mine had draw string and back pockets. Let’s just say I no longer wear those pants anymore. I didn’t know how to do a self faced pocket, or button hole for the draw string to go through or why you have to finish the edges

The second time, I did a zigzag finish because that’s the only way I know how. I didn’t like the zigzag, because…well…I had problem sewing straight, so the zigzag didn’t really finish the raw edges. However I just trimmed around the zigzag, so the zigzag would be in the right place. I also added pockets, except I had sewn them in wrong and I only discovered it after I finished everything. It wasn’t bad, so I left it in. the elastic waist band was not quite small enough for me, so when I put stuff in my pockets the pants would sag. I know…lots of problems, but better than the raw edged pants that didn’t survive many washes.

The third time is really a charm. Not that I didn’t have any problems, but let me just say I did myself proud. I made it French seam through out, so no weird edge finishes. The fit is quite good, since I can fit it on Willie. It’s much better than fitting it on myself and trying to mark things. The only thing is I cut the pockets a little too small; mis-calculated the seam allowance. Pockets are always tricky, but that’s why I love them. It’s a challenge.