today is the end of the semester, here's the breakdown:
* sketches: 4
* garments: 3
* happiness from 0 to 10: 10
* marriage: still happily intact

some thoughts:
* I really enjoy fashion, but it also reminds me how lucky I am to have my job. while my classmate draws christian louboutin, I get to wear mine. If I was doing fashion, I'd be working for free for a long time.
* Go for what you are afraid of and you'll find out it's not so bad after all. I know that from college studying engineering. when I attack the most difficult subject, everything just seems easy. I always thought the path of fashion is impossible for me. I could never draw people, but I'm doing it now. not the best, but it's a start.

ok, now, here are the sketches. I'm not very precise with the details yet, but I'm getting the proportions down. in time sequence:

line manipulation, the arms are too short compare to the rest of the body. not enough shades in the drawing.

black and white drawing, using pencil and charcoal. overall a good one, coloring on the legs need to be more smooth. I love the gloves and the hat.

color pencil sketch. I'm getting much more comfortable with figures although the way the skirt draped was a little off. but I was having alot of problem with coloring. layering different color to create the shadow is hard.

water color. the figure is good, actually I really liked the pencil sketch. but coloring is also difficult since I was doing a grey coat and grey skirt. I added purple to the coat to distinguish it from the skirt. some color bled a little.

During today's presentation in class, I realized alot of people in class have some experience or influence from cartoon, manga or other artistic style. I was pretty much a blank canvas, I knew nothing. as a result, my drawing tend to be more fashion like even though I can't quite get the feet, hands or hair perfectly. I don't have the big eyes, or the way too happy look (fashion models all look stoned if you didn't know already).

btw, go SHARKS!

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