Water Color Fashion Illustration

I've been doing alot of sewing and drawing. so not much blogging lately. but I do want to share a few things. 

last night was the second to last class for my intermediate sewing, which means notebook due which means all the sample sewings were graded. I was crushed when the samples graded for the mid term, because I got a B. I've never gotten a B in a junior college and to get a B in fashion is just like my dream was crushed. I know it really didn't need to be so dramatized, but that's how it felt like at the time. so last night, I didn't really give it too much thought when turning in the notebook. surprisingly I got an "A". whoohoo! the instructor seemed surprised that I caught up and actually spent sometime to talk to me afterwards. now I'm even more motivated to make my final project.

for the illustration class, things are going well, too. eh...I mean..knock on wood, things are going well. I got a A- for the Tina Fey drawing. I still struggle with drawing feet and face, but I'm getting alot better with gloves. I'm noticing a fashion trend of gloves lately. It's kind of fun to get grades, because I haven't gotten a grade for so long. It really validates me (only when I get a good grade) where as I don't get the instant gratification at work. I'm super excited for the next assignment, which is water color. I enjoyed playing with water color as a kid, so I'm really looking forward to it. 

ok, now a few awesome drawings to share:

*my illustration instructor always has some Karl Lagerfeld's drawings and they are always my fav. his stylized look is very high fashion in my opinion. 

* no outline, kind of oil painting look.

* blond is really difficult to draw and this one is from Ralph Lauren, a good example of blond.

* a stlyized drawing from Ralph Laurent

* an Italian drawing, I love how they did the skin colors. the color manipulation is really great.

*last but not least, this is from a previous student. I like it not in a fashion way, but it reminds of one of those kids story book picture. she needs some figure though.

btw, these pix are all taken with the camera phone I had for that one day. as you can see there are tons of different ways to do water color. every arist has his or her own style. I have yet to develop mine. here's the thing about art, you never know what you are going to do. I really enjoy just get lost in the moment and let my mind to lead me to do whatever. it's quite therapheutic actually.

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