New Semester

a new year, a new semester and a new start. At last, I get to make fitted garments instead of trying make fitted clothing without the proper knowledge and skills. however I've learned alot from my mistakes. When you break the rules or try to make up your own rules, you really appreciate why those existing rules are set up in the first place.

this semester's assignment is tough. on the lists are the following:
- Chanel inspired jacket
- 1960's style dress
- another lined jacket based on what I made last semester.
- two hats
- french sloper

it's quite challenging. I got started with my Chanel jacket already. so far the tissue fitting went well. I'm not the only one who's making it, surprisingly. finding the fabric is the tough part, because the lack of selection in the SF bay area (as supposed to NYC or LA). but I think I've found exactly what I was looking, for $95/yard or $125/yard for a higher grade. yikes! it's a wool crepe imported for Italy. I have an eye for expensive things for sure.

my family has been in the garment industry for a couple of generations now. when I brought home the sample fabrics to show my mom, she knows exactly why it's expensive. Our conversation reminds me the old days when members of my family either made clothe or went to tailors. I was just a little kid at the time, but I was there for all the conversations of how the fabric feels and watching the adults carefully exam the seams. The images are all coming back to me now. That explains why I'm always able to tell fake silk from real silk.

anyways, I think I'm going to go for the expensive fabrics. makes me a bit nervous. my mom said I should buy the $125/yard one (I thought it's not much different than the $95/yard), since you should never buy the second best. um... one thing is for sure, I'm going for the 30% off store wide on president's day. yippie!

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