The Arrival of the Dress Form

I've been contemplating on getting a dress form for sometime. I really wanted it, but there's just part of me that said no for the longest time. I feel like I have to slowly earn my way through. I kept telling myself, I'm exploring. I'm scared that I won't go through with the program and waste all the money on the supplies.

so the process of deciding on buying a dress form was really difficult and took forever. finally I've made up my mind and bought it. I bought a good one, too. forget about the ones at Joann's, I got the professional studio made in NYC. then it came the long waiting period. finally IT'S HERE!

it's a huge box. heehee, I haven't been so happy for a long time. of course, once I got it, the first thing was to put my muslin chanel suit on it. for those of you don't know, muslin is a garment you make to test out the pattern and fitting before you cut the fashion fabric. imagine screwing up the $35/yard fabric, right? I've been working on the fitting for so long, now I get to admire it from a distance, pull the fabric straight just like a true designer would.

It's all sinking in now that I'm really embarking on this journey. The letters printed on the dress form is the classic font of the professional ones I've seen on project runway. it's so cool; I just can't stop looking at it. It feels all so real. I'm doing it, I'm making the clothes I've always wanted to and I now can pin it and fit it like I've always wanted to.

ok, one last picture to share, me hugging the dress form, named cicie #2. it's going to have exactly the same size as me as soon as I build it with the padding.

so there you go. I will soon be updating the blog with some of the stuff I've made in the fashion program. I do have alot on hand that I'm working on, including a french style moulage (will explain more), two dresses and two hats. I just did a full bust adjustment on my dress pattern tonight, it's a first time ever, but I should expect to do alot more full bust adjustment in the future.

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Anonymous said...

cool! i've always wanted a talent where i could use one of those, too!