Mad Men Inspiration

Just finished Janie Bryant's The Fashion File, a book based on her work on Mad Men as a costume designer. I didn't necessarily learn anything new, it just affirmed alot of things I sort of already know. The most aspiring theme is accessorizing.

Growing up in Shanghai, I lived a couple of blocks away from the convention center. so going there for a fashion show with my mom or tech conference with my dad was part of every day life. I learned the latest fashion trend on my way home from school since the most famous clothing market in Shanghai was on the way. Of course, I always passed the magazine stand and checked out the new cover every month on ELLE. Fashion was a way of life and I hope it still will be for me.

I remember my mom used to tell me that great fashion will always be great fashion, just like Coco Chanel's LBD, Dior's new look and jeans that never went out of style. In the book Janie also emphasizes on a few accessories can change the entire look, you don't have to get a brand new wardrobe every season.

I think the great myth about fashion is that you have to be stick skinny to look good. Actually the meaning of couture means custom made and that's all it means. ok, maybe not, when you say couture in France it also means a certain level of craftsmanship in the quality of the garment and the prestige of that label that's associated with it. Nevertheless, couture means well made garment that fits you and a well made and well fitted garment will make anybody look good.

Speaking of fitting, that was my originally inspiration in learning fashion design. Growing up, fit has been talked about among my mom and my aunts as much as the material and design of a garment. We Shanghai girls are known to have very well fitted garments. Janie also emphasizes on taking your garment to a tailor for perfect fit. Well, my mom would say "how do you know if the tailor is doing a good job". Hence I needed to learn what is a good fit.

Learning Fashion Design has turned out to be quite a soul searching experience. I was having alot of thoughts of design choices during last semester's flat pattern final. I ended up going with my gut feeling of what I really really wanted to make. When I finished it, I stepped back and I went "wow, that's really me". Clothing can really tell so much about a person. I feel like I know alot better who I am now.

I'm taking bustier next semester. I've been thinking about what kind of bustier I'm going to make. As I was flipping through the j-crew catalog, I found my answer in this ruched pink organza top.

There was something about it that I love, then I realized I have a picture of a similar ruched pink chiffon Christian Louboutin shoe that I took in London before CL became popular here in the states. Yes, I love that pink ruched look and I wouldn't have it any other way!

In addition, I just found this from the previous FB pix:

also in my inspiration folder:

I have sworn off of pink, since I've made two pink dresses and a pink jacket. I thought about other colors, but it just won't be the same. but you know, like Janie said, I need to trust my instinct about style. so I guess it's going to be pink again, this time with a hint of orange. I guess the good thing is I haven't been doing the same shades of pink.

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