This semester I get to look at clothes for HW assignment. Actually it’s more like studying clothes, which is a lot more fun than studying INL on a ADC. I think the collar is one of those things gets over looked a lot, because it’s not a necessity. However collar brings character to a design, whether it’s elegant or bold, collar speaks volume.

As a Mad Men groupie, I naturally turned to the show for collar ideas. Megan is definitely an unexpected star in this season’s Mad Men. But you could sort of tell from the way she dresses, she isn't going to be a minor character. This is the kind of outfit I would like to wear in the office, but can never find it. Maybe I live in the 60’s?
Not to disappoint, Peggy is a lot like me when I was 25 and I love her collar in this navy blue dress as well. Good for her that she fired that copy writer, but what Joan said was also absolutely true, that in a man’s eye one of them just made herself a bitch and one of them appeared she can't handle problems on her own. Interestingly, other men are just bystanders. In a way, I’m surprised that hasn’t changed in today’s work place.
When I think of collar, I can never forget Holly Golightly’s red coat. I’ve always loved it and had the image in my head forever before internet existed that made searching for pictures so easy. I love this collar, because it’s so elegant and practical at the same time. Just imagine in the cool breezy fall, the tall collar allows you to pair the coat up with different scarves for different looks. It also accentuates a long neck when not wearing the scarf, which I always find so sexy.
you actually see this type of standing up collar alot in the movie
When it comes to design, I think men’s wear is always a wealth of knowledge. Men’s wear is a lot more functional, which is a character I often find missing in women’s wear. For a modern and busy woman like me, practicality in clothing is extremely important. Here’s a jacket that I think would look great on a woman, it’s very biker chic. Pair it up with some pointy high heel tall boots would be very sexy.
Now back to the 2010 and women’s wear, this dress by the first lady is very memorable. This fusia dress reminds of Jackie’s outfit from the 60’s:

Interesting how Michelle Obama pair it with blue shoes, which is not something I would ever have done. But it works. A few similarities including the folded down collar with the button, the 3 quarter sleeves (very sexy as it shows the wrist of a women, one of the curviest part of a women’s body) and the form fitting silhouette.

As I get older, I’ve learned to be sexy without being vulgar. I think it’s a maturity thing. I finally understand what they said in memoir of a geisha, sexy is about seducing and making a man want to see what is underneath than putting everything on the table.

next blog will be on the jeans I've been working on. you might have already known, I'm making skinny jeans. the pattern is fitting very well already. very excited for some butt lifting jeans. 

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