Breakfast at Chanel's

I tried on a Chanel jacket! yes, I did! It may not be everybody’s dream to try on the Chanel legendary tweed jacket, but it is for me. My co-workers (all male btw) love to talk about test driving the tesla, ferrari and porsche. Well, forget those cars. When I was at Chanel, there’s nothing better in this world.

Chanel suit is the Bentley of fashion. I wondered what makes a suit jacket so iconic that Anne Wintour had to be wearing it through out her pregnancy. What better way to find out than going down to Chanel myself.

The maiden lane Chanel was newly renovated and opened this past weekend. It’s beautiful inside, I wish my living room can look like this. I finally understand when Holly Golightly said nothing bad can ever happen Tiffany’s. Well, nothing bad can ever happen at Chanel.

They have a lot more stuff than the typically expected jewelries, purses and cosmetics. I headed to the second floor ready to wear. My heart started pounding as I walked up the narrow stairway and then..taDA! It’s Christmas morning. Everything I read about is right in front of my eyes.

There’s the tweed purses with the intricate jewel designs, the evening clutch with sparkling colored crystals, the shoes with the elongated front section look, the camellia flowered pins and necklaces, the cashmere sweater with horizontal navy stripes. Of course, there’s the LBD and the suit.

Everything is about the details. I noticed the intricate designs on the buttons of the jacket and skirt I tried on. Big enough to see and subtle enough to put the icing on the cake while not overwhelming the ensemble. Apparently there’s a whole collection of Chanel’s different buttons out there.

It's like you study the Mona Lisa at school, you go see it at the Louvre, you get to touch it and feel it. At the end, you can buy it. wow!

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