Late Night Thought

just came back from the tailoring class. i have my fabrics all cut out for my chanel suit, but i'm still far from being done. lately has been a bit stressful; it's do or die time. it's time to see some fabrics sewn together and it's terrifying to me. I kept telling myself, what's the worst that can happen? if anything I'll just buy more fabrics. =)

we spent a whole night talking about setting in the sleeve and it still seems like not enough. I read the book in advance, so everything seems more clear now. same in engineering as it is in clothing constructing, you always have to try a technique to find out if it'll work. you also try it at a smaller scale by making mini size to test ideas out. if it doesn't work out, then you go back and try something else. it's trial and error.

which makes me think... same philosophy is true in life, when you have a goal, you can't let any obstacle get in the way, big or small. this fashion school experience is really helping me see life from a different light.

my teacher wore this jacket from the same pattern I used for my last semester's final project. so I thought I'd post it tonight. my point and shoot camera is still sort of missing, so I took the picture with my macbook. not bad, eh? this is a silk dupioni jacket, which I made from a vogue pattern. Enjoy!

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