latest toys

finally got my camera that was held hostage at Willie's car for weeks. took some pictures of my little studio in the dining room. this is my cutting tool set. I started using rotary cutter; Willie calls it pizza cutter. it sort of works the same way as pizza cutter...I guess. I've also gotten the french curve, just can't draft the arm hole without the curve. all these little toys save me alot of time.

rotary cutter:
all cut up:
in case you are curious, this is the sloper front with seam allowance.

I've picked up a new project along with my other new toy. opted for Canon rather than Nikon, which I had to take a lot of heat with my guy friends. I guess Nikon is the golden brand, but Canon just happened to be the better camera for the specification we are looking for. I figured photography would be a good way to develop good eyes for art and I'm working with ppl talking about photography all the time. Willie and I went to the city yesterday and took some cool pictures. Here they are:

I had my back against the sun in the picture on the right and on the left, sun is on the left. 

at this stage, we are just experimenting with things. I really like fashion photograph that do a good job with lighting contrasing (shadow and light), but I realized that I needed more equipment. I just started playing with the f stops, ISO, shutter speed and etc. so far, I'm finding aperture priority to be more user friendly.  it's kind of cool now that I have some inputs on how the photos should be taken.

today, I'm driving myself crazy with this lab garment. I'm about to swear off the patterns. ok, maybe I will take that back someday, but I'm angry at this point. there's always something wrong with the pattern. I always need this and that adjustment, one adjustment on the burst leads to an adjustment on the sleeve, then you have to change the sleeve back as a result, then you need to change the back because the back sleeve is change. arg!

Now I think I need to take a break. it's getting too difficult. Here's a look at what I have so far. see the pins? I have to change all those seam lines to make things fit. this is taken with the Olympus DSLR, which has problems with white balance. this picture looks blue-ish to me. I would've never noticed it before my new Canon purhcase.

Kenneth King said we need to destroy a few yards of fabrics before we become good at it. I'm still working on the first are.

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