French Pattern Drafting

I started reading up my french pattern drafting book, written by Kenneth King, who is an instructor at FIT and also a couture designer for the rich and famous. who also happened to be an instructor at FIT, but previous an instructor at Canada college for over 10 yrs. Before that, he's just like me...a student at Canada College. It's kind of cool to know, this guy started exactly where I am today.

The first a few pages of the book talks about the history of french pattern drafting. In a nut shell, what makes it "french" is that it's custom to everyone's body. this is a system developed by...as you may be able to guess... by someone French. this is the original school that taught it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esmod ESMOD in Paris actually teaches in English. um...it's giving me ideas. lol! when I win the lottery or BRCM stock catches Google.

a bit more history on seamtress. back in the days seamstress were not very respected socially, because they didn't make very much money (due to they didn't have an easy way to fit people then) and often were also prostitutes. tailors on the other hand were men only. making hats was considered high class. are you thinking the same thing I am? That's why I'm such a fan of Coco Chanel. She's really ahead of her time and made something out of herself instead of being content being a seamtress and doing her other questionable night time job. I hope I can be just an innovative as she was.

speaking of making hats. I took a hat making class. It was....tough! all these hand sewing made my hands really rough. not loving it!

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