Thought of the Moment

was just talking to my boss about his traveling schedule next week. it shocked me that next week is going to be Sept. summer just went by me so fast. there's been alot going on, actually. it was a fullfilling summer and I've learned lots lots! to find out exact what, you will have to talk to me. that's right! I'm not putting everything on the internet.

school started this week. it's another step forward. part of me looked forward to it, part of me was afraid that I wouldn't be good. project runway makes fashion design very glamorous and fun. the fact is, it's like engineering. you gotta know your fractional math, have solid illustration skills, un-compromisable sewing skills, endless imaginations and most importantly un-dying visions. the vision is what makes a designer, as suppose to a fashion follower. at least, that's what I think.

my company founders imagined a world where everyone is connected and communicate to everyone regardless of where they are. today, we are not too far from it. i have a vision for the fashion i want to create also, whether it's a good vision, that's TBD. but before that, I need the skills that will translate my vision. the skills that takes time to acquire and perfect. not sure if I have that in me.

well, not to bore you with my philosophical ideas. I do have something exciting to share. I got my studio! yes, finally! I have also started my first assignment this week. determined to be ahead of the schedule this semester.

a blog isn't a blog unless there are some colorful pictures. one of the assignments this semester is finding tear outs, aka picutres of stuff I like. over the summer I've discovered Mario Testino, probably the best fashion photographer in the world. would like to share some of his photos from Vanityfair. I actually have this issue.

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