First Black and White Sketch

when you study for the SAT, you start with the practice test to see where you are. Here's an assignment I turned in today; I guess this will be my starting point. I based my sketch on Tina Fey's cover shoot in Vanity Fair. I figured it's around Halloween and Tina Fey is dressed up as Uncle Sam.

from left to right:
* a black and white copy show the shadow *my final sketch *original picture *my practice sketch.

as you can see, the proportion isn't exactly Tina Fey. Fashion illustration has a very elongated look, so that's something I have to create in my drawing. 

I have a few more practice sketches, but I won't bore you with all of them. I spend alot of time to figure out the gloves with proportion to the body. Also spend some time on the skirt. Somehow I always make the skirt look like it's moving, but I really want it to look more full. At the end, I ran out of time to work out the the legs and face. I've been staying up late all week with my sewing project, so I really needed to go to bed.

Willie said my last assignment looks manly due to the wide shoulder, but he gave me a OK for this one, at lease for the shoulder. Fashion illustrations always have wider shoulders than hips, which is the opposite of real life. I do agree with him my last sketch was a little manly. However both figures have 2" wide shoulder according to my ruler. It's interesting how your eyes deceives you.

Speaking of staying up late, I've also been missing my TV. really wish I can just lounge in front of the TV. I have a week worth of TV  recording waiting for my attention. However it was all worth it when I went to class yesterday. I was so mesmerized with the different high fashion poses and the gorgeous color manipulations my teacher showed in class. 

my 5Mpixel phone camera really doesn't do the justice to the drawing, since you can't see the color details and there's that stupid line. but here it is: Karl Lagerfeld's sketch from 1985 W magazine. my teacher showed it in class and I couldn't resist to take the picture

notice how the shoulders are much wider than the hip, but it doesn't look manly. the lines are so simple, but yet it shows the elegance of the legs so well. there isn't too much details on the face, but it goes with the very stylized look of the clothes. Just one simple line, you get the legs. Not like me, I drew the legs 10 times and it still doesn't look quite right. I guess that's why Karl (I say it like he's my friend =P) gets to design clothes for Chanel. hah!

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