One of my earliest childhood memories was walking by the magazine stand everyday, seeing this ELLE magazine and dying to see what's inside. I also remember the time my mother talking ravingly about the Oscar de la Renta’s runways show she just went to; I watched it the following week on TV.

As any child, I loved beautiful things and there was nothing more beautiful than an intricately designed evening gown showing the feminine figure made with the most delicate fabric.

Fast forward, sophomore year in college I was looking for a suit for job interviews. I had a very clear objective, I needed to look like an engineer and still feminine. The suit should say competence, but not old.

I can’t say I found exactly what I was looking for and I will soon learn how difficult it was to find professional women’s clothes. Everything is just too busy. What happened to “less is more”? It hasn’t been that long since Vera Wang coined that phrase.

The thought of designing my own clothes has come to my mind many times and it’s only a matter of time I take the first step by enrolling in a fashion program. I soon had a cold hard dose of reality of how difficult it is since I had no prior sewing experience.

As they say, it’s not how you fall, it’s how you get up. I know I needed more practice. Inspired by the movie “Julie and Julia”, I am starting the “Pink Duchess” project where I will talk about experiments with fashion and lesson learned.

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