Make or Break Moment

I hate making the same mistakes over and over again. It just makes me go "grrrrr!". there are always those bad days, like the other day I mistakenly reversed the supply at work. the good thing is I always set a current limit on the supply (a very good practice I learned from blowing up stuff), so I avoided the disaster.

Once this pro tennis player told me the difference b/t a world top 10 player and a top 100 player is not in their skills, but in their mental abilities under pressure. I feel like that's the same thing for me. When I fucked up the collar 3 times the other day, I needed a break desperately and felt like a failure. next day, I cheered myself up and got it right on the first try.

I remember up until recently I wouldn't have the courage to do so, and I ended up not accomplishing anything for months. now I have a due date, it really pushes me. partly it's also because I now know determination is everything in accomplishment.

yesterday I finished the muslin* to my swing jacket in class. I came home excited and show it to Willie. although he is not very good at imagining and I asked him to imagine the jacket with the pink silk dupioni, he said it's promising. now I just need to make it. can't wait to show it on the blog.

oh, I learned this on "say yes to the dress". In the south, when they say something is "lovely", it means "hell no". It's totally hilarious and it's totally something I would say. I think I'm going to add that to my vocabulary. 

*Muslin is a cheap fabric used for fitting and practicing.

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