Mother and Daughter

I couldn't finish the dress, because the instructor won't show the invisible zipper yet. however I've been doing alot of sewing of samples, sometimes multiple times of the same thing. I prefer to take out the stitches instead of re-cut from the very beginning, but I had to re-cut the collar and the in-seam pocket samples recently. sometimes I just needed a fresh start. The result was much improved skills on the samples. 

My mother was over last night to hang out while I was sewing. Not sure if all daughter and mother have this kind of relationship, but I certainly have heard about it a lot. My mother never has a lot of faith in me, not sure if she intended to. She always tells me I can’t do this or that. Same in Julie and Julia, Julie’s mother told her she could never finish anything when she started the blog.

My mother used to make my clothes, but she never perfected her skills in fitting and that’s why she never made clothes for herself. She said she was just not interested enough to put in the effort. She knew I was into making things like origami, but didn’t think I can make clothes. I was joking with her if she had started me to sew, I would’ve been a fashion designer already and now it’s too late. She said it’s never too late like I always tell her about her life. The encouragement came a little late, but I guess it’s better late than never.

After I finished the sample (putting a collar on a shirt), my mother picked it up and studied every stitch like she was looking for something wrong. Then she finally decided that it was well made. As much as I didn’t want to, I was holding my breath the whole time. It makes me wonder why is it that my mother always holds me to such high expectations even when she recognizes she couldn’t even do it.


Albie said...

It's never too late!!! Looks like you're keeping yourself busy Cicie, that's great.

Anonymous said...

=) I can't wait to see your new fashions! They are really nice.

As unperfect as parents can be, at least there's someone that makes u reach for a higher standard!