the Importance in a Dress is the Woman Who is Wearing it

I was googling for the Oscar le la Renta dress Carrie Bradshaw wears when she goes to the opera with the Russian. The puffiness inspired me to make the changes in the dress I’m having the zipper problem with.

To my horror somebody posted the picture on their blog as one of the worst outfits of the show. As it turned out, the person hated the jacket not the dress. But I don’t think the jacket is that hideous. It goes with the belt and brings a hint of tuxedo to the look, since the Russian is in a tuxedo…well…you get the picture.

We all like Carrie's style, even the blogger who said the jacket was terrible. I think everyone would agree she’s quite a fashionista, but some of her looks are a little out there. Being fashionable does require taking some risks. I think as long as you feel good about what you wear, wear it.

Ives Saint Laurent once said something like the most beautiful women are the ones in the arms of the man she loves, the ones who aren’t as lucky have ISL’s clothes. He also said fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.

I'm not trying to say as long as a woman is in love she would look good in anything (some women just let themselves go after being married, which I think is sad), but it helps alot. When you strut what you wear with that sense of confidence like Carrie does, it's hard for people not to turn their heads.

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